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John E. Stratmann

Today, January 26, 2014, I have completed 4 months
of being a member of an organization blossoming out
of the Canadian hinterland...Retire With John (RWJ). 
Even in this short period, it has been an exciting and,
almost amazing experience. Yes, exciting and amazing
when compared to the daily dozen or more websites
that display matrix plans, affiliate programs, cyclers,
revenue shares, ad infinitude and continue to fail in their
commitment to their members.

I joined RWJ after reading through its Plan and realizing
that it's owner and principal administrator, John Blanchard,
not only had a vision as to where he wanted to take this
organization, he also had a DREAM! That dream, was
wanting to fulfill other people's financial dreams. That
was the clincher for me, so I subscribed. In addition,
John's personal spirit and excitement permeates the
entire organization.

As the days and weeks went by, I pleasantly confirmed
that the organizational structure that John and his team
had developed was impeccable and, more importantly,
worked flawlessly to achieve its long term objective. It
was not long before I started to become a beneficiary
of the rewards outlined in John's plans. I still have a
long way to go but, the horizon is clear...I can see it and
I now know that I will get to the Summit! The road to
retirement is not a four month affair and, that is my goal.
A solid retirement with RWJ is my responsibility, take
whatever time it will.

It would be remiss of me if, in this brief testimonial, I
would only highlight the qualities of the organization. The
men and women that have adopted RWJ and become
members, are a group of dedicated and outstanding
contributors who are ready and willing to assist others in
achieving their dreams. They demonstrate it on a daily

Let me invite you to make a $2.00 per week subscription
for a 4 month period in RWJ. Then, consider other options
that will further enhance your internet experience with us as
well as give you the satisfaction of discovering and setting
your very own financial horizon.

Carol Carr

I have been involved with a few Team Builds that ended up with just a few of us doing all the work .
NOT HERE : RWJ Marketing Is a Team Build That Actually Produces Results! We have the Largest Group of Motivated Active
Members all working together as One to Create Financial Freedom for EVERYONE. Thank You John for offering an Easy,and Affordable Program .
Do not Miss Out RWJ Marketing the "Little $2.00 Miracle" is the answer to my Prayers as it can be YOURS.


What a great team build we have here at RWJ! I see lots of cycling and many people are moving through the stages. Where else can you spend just $2 a week and know you will make money? :)


This is without a doubt the best program i am in so far and trust me i mean that and i know if many see the opportunity here they will support it.
Gary Rodighiero.


Hi everyone this is Marta (moneytalks7).

I have joined RWJ (retire with John) on the 11th of November and purchased 5 positions I did sign up 3 friends as well during this short time span and on the 29th I was in SUMMIT77.
Now that is so cool and fast wouldn't you say.
Please follow my lead!
I am purchasing the Platinum S77 position and working myself up to the TOP WHERE I DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT KEEPING MY LIFE STYLE AND NOT ONLY THAT BUT I INTEND TO BETTER IT.
I believe I have found my home at RWj and now in S777 AND I DON'T HAVE TO PUT ANY OTHER FISHING RODS INTO THE WATER.
From now on THIS WILL BE MY BUSINESS TO BUILD. Thank you much John Blanchard for genius concept that you put together and my sponsor Roger Pepin to have shared this opportunity with me. I want you all to know that Roger and Linda his wife are the nicest people in the internet marketing world after me of course.


I joined RWJ Marketing On November 10th and now I am paid into Summit77. I was looking for the waiting list but I can't find it because the last time I checked it which was few minutes before I found out the email sent me giving me my login info to summit77, I was shocked because I was number 39 on the waiting list. The day I have been waiting for finally arrived. John, thank you so much. You save my life. I have wasted thousands of dollars on stupid programs that never work and finally I am home with rwj. I feel much better because I know by this time next year I will never want for money again. This is a Dream come true. Thank you so much for your concept and your vision John. You ROCK! I am definitely going Platinum asap tomorrow immediately I fax my bank info to i-payout to be verified. Once again John. I am a Happy camper. I have been waiting for somebody to start this team build for a long time and finally is here.John, we all owe you a lot. God Bless!


Its been 2 weeks I been paid in I just Got my 2 people RWJ Has made it all happen I did not recruit anyone


I have been trying to recreate myself online for quite some time. I must say RWJ Team Build is truly a gift from God. It is flawless and has every team member in mind. I can truly see that the possibilities are endless on this team. Thank you sooo much John for creating something so special with everybody in mind. I look forward to prospering with you!

Bipin Shah

RWJ Marketing Is The Best Team Build I Have Ever Joined. Admin Is Really Hard Working & Always Thinking How To Serve The Team Better So The Team Members Earn More.

Rwj Marketing Team Build Concept Is Totally Different From Other Team Builds & It Will Surely Create Millioniares. Its A Long Term Team Build. So Don't Miss This. - Bipin Shah


This is the most powerful $2 team build ever, after 8 year online I join so many programs paid $50 to $750 to join then paid for there co-ops $100 a month and never get any refer signup, but went I join RWJ spend only $10 and got me in to Summit77 and now I have 19 position going went I Complete matrix #4 and #6 I will be doing a lot of PIF member in to Summit77 under my team and they all will do the same this team is moving fast we are so blessed to have such talented, devoted admin and people on our team I will Retiring With John, THANK YOU John for RWJ Marketing Mastermind Team Build.


Sam Nikkel User Name oilfinder66 Here I am Sure Happy to Be Here and have only been in a couple weeks and am moving thru the list a lot faster than expected Every thing Looks Great.

Shay C

After leaving a testimony before, for an online program, that, sadly, ended up having corrupt admin, I said to myself, that I would never submit a testimony, for any other program.

Hmmm, well... RWJ Marketing is in a class by itself, and I can't keep quiet, about how happy I am here, and being part of a team, where we, keep pushing forward, even through, obstacle, because of our focused determination.

There's mainly, a oneness of Spirit here as we're, putting all differences aside, and working together pleasantly, as a team, to finally obtain our goals of reaching, financial security.

And the head of it all, John Blanchard, Wow! His desire, compassion, dedication, honesty, unselfishness and REAL sincerity in assisting us, is unmatched.

His knowledge, experience and determination, speak for themselves, as you can see, the remarkable results, we're achieving, from his strategies.
Obviously he knows, what he's doing!

And with his foresight and ability to make appropriate and profitable, connections, his plans, for our team, are long term.

If there was an award for team builds, then RWJ Marketing would surely win!

I can't forget to mention, the personable admin and team members, with their winning attitudes.

I love it here!

I highly recommend RWJ Marketing without reservation.

Shay C.


Great Program Real Passif Income,Today my fourt subc to RWJmarketing, and just been registered to summit77 by RWJmarketing,Thanks to John/Admin RWJmarketing/?endro

John Stratmann

Hello Network Marketing Friends:

Let me start by saying that "If you are not yet a member of RWJMarketing, you are letting valuable time and money pass you by!"

Every networker needs a friend on the net and, by that I mean, one that will take the stress off, ease your frustrations, and lead you by the hand to where the money pot is. RWJMktg is such a friend. You see, they brought me to where the big money is and, I will be forever grateful.

So, how can you get to the 'Hen that Lays the Golden Eggs'?...join today with as many subscriptions as you can or build them as you go along. My advise, come and have fun with me and with the other smart guys who are a already a part of this Money Club.


John Stratmann - JohnS


I've never seen results like these in my 10 years online. Such a wonderful group of people and a great admin. Thanks John ;)


This team build is really trusted....They deliver on time..I cycled level 4 and got $60.. within some few hours i got my 2 active referrals in my summit77 is awesome...thanks admn.

Adrian Gordon

When you combine the BEST Team Build ever with outstanding value and results with the BEST Opportunity Online worldwide hands-down, there IS only one outcome, SUCCESS! Many thanks to RWJ Marketing for this phenomenol platform! One just cannot lose, simple. Adrian Gordon, UK.


This is amazing. Just over two weeks ago I joined this fantastic Team thinking it'll take at least a couple of months before I cycled through to Summit77. I didn't for one moment thought I would be in there so quick but here I am reading an email sent to me this morning with my Summit77 login details. This is fantastic. Now I can get ready to upgrade to Platinum. Thanks guys. This is the best.

ferdous lone

RWJ Marketing is well designed programe.InshaAllah we will get finantial freedom very soon through this great oppertunity.

Keith Hinds

After 3 days I was paid into Summit77.

daniel anderson

I love this.

Marcos De Jesus

It s a great opportunity and I will be successful like the others, may be soon i m succeeding my goal of fortune, Thanks RWJ Marketing I found you... Awesome!!!

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