Tuesday, 28 January 2014

RWJ Marketing Review

Welcome To My RWJ Marketing Review.

So what is RWJ Marketing all about,we are the biggest,best and fastest growing team build for Summit 77 who probably have the best compensation plan in the business,so lets see what you get With RWJ Marketing.

1. When you join RWJ Marketing You will be required to fill out a short form that lets us know you are ready to start and agree to pay $30 one off expense to join Summit77.

2.Once all information has been received you will then be placed on the waiting list to receive your Summit77 join link.

3.Once you have joined Summit77 and paid for your starter package you will then receive your 120 points which will give you 240 paid referrals into your Summit77 business,over time.

4.There are 6 small,fast filling matrices for which everyday you will enter a new matrix1 position at the cost of 1 point,when you cycle matrix4 and matrix6 you will receive 1 paid summit77 referral for each one,that is how you get 240 referrals from 120 points.

5.240 paid referrals in Summit77 is more than enough for you to earn a very good living,if you do require more points so that you can receive more people into your business you will then have to bring more people in,for which you will receive 5 points per person when they cycle matrix6.

6.You get your very own marketing system with lead capture pages and auto-responder so you can build your own list not somebody else's for which you can do what you like with,introduce them to other business' you are involved in.

7.We have our very own social site just for RWJ Marketing with forum,live stream everything you need to know is in there you can view it here http://rwjmarketing.socialgo.com/

So as you can see you get a lot for nothing.

See you at the summit,

Russell Allen


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  1. Hey Russell, Awesome job on your review! It really is AMAZING how something sooo simple can be creating such PHENOMENAL Results in such a short period of time! How Refreshing to be a part of something that actually WORKS like it says it does! The Motto is sooo true: "Get in, Stay in, Succeed!" Thanks for posting! :)